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Development path

September, 2002 Reorganized Haining First Light Industry Machinery Factory and established Zhejiang Aisijicheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

April , 2005 TDG Holdings Co., Ltd. became the controlling shareholder of the company
May, 2006 Joint venture with Mitsubishi Materials Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a subsidiary - Zhejiang Yuchuan Machinery Co., Ltd.

In 2009, it was renamed Zhejiang Tianling Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

March, 2007 Established a joint venture subsidiary with Hitachi Industrial Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. - Jiaxing Tianri Industrial Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

April , 2007 The company changed its name to Tiantong Jicheng Machine Technology Co., Ltd.

May, 2007 Fully acquired Haining Machine Tool Plant.

December, 2007 The Tiantong Equipment Industry Base in Haining Economic Development Zone was laid.

April, 2009 The company moved to Tiantong Equipment Industry Base as a whole.

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