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Piezoelectric crystal growth furnace

Piezoelectric crystal growth furnace

Product introduction:
This equipment is a newly developed equipment for the piezoelectric crystal growth of materials such as lithium niobate (LT) and lithium niobate (LN). It is mainly used for the production of CZ single crystal. The fully automatic control system can improve the crystal quality and consistency, and the process has high controllable stability, reducing manual intervention, work intensity and cost.


Piezoelectric crystal growth furnace technical parameter

Technical Parameters:
Furnace cavity size: φ800mm×1000mm
Dimensions: 1000mm × 1000mm × 2500mm
Maximum crystal size: 6 inches
Seed crystal shaft pulling stroke: 450mm
Minimum line speed for lifting movement: 0.01mm/hr
Quick lifting speed: 200mm/min
Seed crystal axis rotation speed: 0.1 ~ 100r / min
Weighing system: weighing sensor range 20kg; signal amplifier display accuracy 0.01g
Control software: Lifting equal-diameter control software, using upper weighing method to control crystal diameter, crystal shape can be freely designed, PID and motion parameters can change with crystal shape transition, and data cross-display on screen provides comprehensive analysis of data during growth process tool.
Heating power supply: medium frequency induction heating
Heating maximum output power: 30KW
Vacuum system: mechanical pump vacuum
Water cooling system: furnace chamber, heating coil flow control cycle cooling.

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